Gum Grafting & Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

Picture of teeth and gums before gum grafting and surgery in Jacksonville, FL Dr. Walter L. Wood is a periodontist who treats receding gums in Jacksonville, FL. Receding gums are usually caused by poor oral hygiene and resulting periodontal disease. This is such a gradual process that most patients do not even notice they are suffering until the symptoms become severe. When the gum line has receded so far as to expose the root of the tooth, a patient will experience sensitivity to extreme temperatures, increased risk of cavity and numerous aesthetic concerns. Receding gums can affect one tooth or many teeth. It is important to find treatment because without adequate tissue surrounding the tooth it becomes vulnerable to bacteria that cause decay and possibly even tooth loss.

Gum grafting is the process in which receding gums are repaired. It is often used to raise the gum line to a healthier and more attractive level. Not only does gum grafting increase the health of the gums, but the teeth as well. There are currently three types of gum grafting surgery available. The specific method we will use depends on your individual needs.

  • •Connective tissue grafts: This is the most common form of gum grafting. First, a flap of skin is cut from the roof of the mouth so that tissue can be removed from underneath the flap. The tissue is then stitched to the gums are and time is given for the two to grow together.
  • •Free gingival grafts: This is very similar to connective tissue gum grafting, except that tissue is borrowed directly from the roof of the mouth without cutting a flap first. This is preferred for patients with naturally thin gums.
  • •Pedicle grafts: This type of gum grafting borrows tissue straight from the surrounding gums. First, a flap of skin is cut from the gums and pulled up so that it covers the tooth root. The tissue is then sewn in place and given time to heal. This is for patients who have plenty of gum tissue available.

After the gum grafting procedure in Jacksonville, FL, you will be given a sedative to help relax. This means you will need to rely on friends or family for a ride home. It is important that you do not brush or floss the area for at least a week following the gum grafting procedure. For more information about gum grafting, contact the offices of Dr. Walter L. Wood to schedule a consultation.